30 Day Speaking Challenge – Video Series

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The ’30 Day Speaking Challenge’ was one I accepted during my mentorship with fearless FSA leader Tiamo De Vettori and my mastermind group: record yourself speaking for 30 days non-stop! Just kidding – just once a day for the next 30, for at least 1 minute, and with at least 1 recording lasting 1 hr 🤪

It was a truly rewarding experiment that provided a huge growth spurt for me as a speaker – seriously, I think I added like 2 inches to my doorframe that month 😉 Super grateful to have been stretched past my seams – thanks guys! In the spirit of giving back, I leave these up as inspirational fuel for your growth in speaking extemporaneously about your own passions .. or at least, as fuel for face-planting at my asinine situations, stories and shameless commentary – ample opportunities inside!

Fear of speaking is REAL – but REALly unnecessary when you REALize that speaking about what you love most conquers that fear.

Trust your voice and listen to it.

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