Christmas Massage Gift


Can I gift you a massage for Christmas?


Merry Christmas Massage - Rene RafaelOf the many things I am grateful for this year, recovering from the constant pain induced from an IT job is probably the highest on my list 🙂


As such, I’ve stopped needing my monthly physical therapy treatments and have racked up 11 months that I will never use but will lose once I cancel my subscription at Massage Envy.

Because I will lose these, I’ve decided to keep my subscription active for another month so that I can turn my unused sessions into Christmas gifts.


Each is valued at around $90 without a subscription and around $60 with one. I’ve got zero connection with Massage Envy outside of being a past patient and have nothing to gain from giving these outside of your admiration 🙂


To any friend in need of healing, it would be my honor to gift it.  If interested, I’d just need a name/number to transfer one of my sessions to you.


Massage Envy is a national chain so you can visit whichever office is closest to you.  But .. if you live in my neck of the woods and close to The Greene office in Beavercreek Ohio, ask for Brenda when you get there. I’ve worked with many pain-relievers over the years and she’s been the very best at getting me back on my feet so that I could continue providing for my family.  Brenda’s super friendly, considerate and has been purposefully observant of my specific occupational hazards to provide the most timely and relevant pain relief strategies.  She’s a senior masseuse and has trained many others in her field.


I’ll be keeping my subscription active until Feb 1 2020 or until I’ve given my last Christmas massage gift, whichever comes first.


Until then, Peace be with you and Merry Christmas!


P.S. If you wanna know how I destroyed my health to avoid doing similar, my video Hobby-or-Calling will provide helpful insight!