Epic Endeavor – Video Series

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The idea behind these videos began as a way to transform my dream from ‘Epic Endeavor’ into consistently manageable increments of positive change every week and then VLOG about these for 3 reasons:


1️⃣ Publicly hold myself accountable to my dream, shiver 🙀
Stay tuned and follow the clues to learn what it is 😍
2️⃣ Inspire some of my crazy friends who like me, sometimes have 1 foot inside their dreams and 1 foot inside “reality” … a “reality” that informs us to stay small so we can avoid the pain, fear, defeat, failure and rejection of our dream and therefor our love. Yes I equate ‘dream’ with ‘love’ because when we live the 1st we overflow with the 2nd. Risk love not just in spite of pain, fear, defeat, failure and rejection – but through them .. after them .. and then again when the next “Murphy’s Law” cycle of this fallen world begins! Often unfortunately untrue of the short-term, love is always worth the risk in the long.
3️⃣ Inspire you with your own ‘Epic Endeavors’, whatever those are.

Scary as heck to publicly commit to anything as regular as weekly but … serious results require serious commitments. Peace be with you on your own epic endeavors as I weekly unveil my next 2 years’ intentions and humble course corrections.