Heal with me – Rene at Stillwater May 12

Stillwater Episode 3:

Small Mental Room

To all who attended, physically and in spirit, thank you!

It was an unbelievable pressure-valve-release to finally play the guitar in public for the 1st time!  I’ll admit, as I was walking around the stage with my axe, I mentally slipped into a few of my heroes, namely Kurdt Kobain (if you get that misspelling, I’ll treat ya to coffee – darn expensive idea considering you can Google that :-))

Seriously, mistakes and all, it was a wonderful energy you created for me so I hope I created right back.  Thanks for giving this “grown-up” a chance to be the fearless co-creating kid Christ wants us all to be.

And on that note, I repeat the previous blog title as a wish to us all: Go ahead, be AFRAID … but be FEARLESS about it!

Enjoy Episode 3, the resulting music video airs Fri, 5/25!

Stillwater Episode 2:

Go ahead, be AFRAID .. but be FEARLESS about it!

The title is NOT a command.

As a kid who’s spent his life consumed by fears, it’s just a wish I have for all of us.

Enjoy Episode 2, the story behind my 1st PDG or Public Display of Guitar – don’t worry nothing indecent 😉

Episode 2 aired Wed, 5/23

Stillwater Episode 1:

T Minus 12

If ya know me, ya also know my love of trilogies 😉

If you have time this week, Episodes 1-3 air Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

Rene’s Ridiculous Answer Unveiled:

Continue below for Pancakes + Syrupy Inspiration this May 12!


What do Pancakes, Inspiration, and Rene have in common?

Stay tuned for a ridiculous answer ( hint: May 12 🙂 )



On July 4th 2010 …

He simultaneously took his last pills and played his 1st live gig with Vintage band-mates. The next 3 years of sobriety would bring more pain than the previous 26 years of drugs combined as he began the process of re-discovering the world and himself through eyes that had never seen clearly … until now. 8 years later, he’s still sober, re-discovering, and healing family wounds. The pain is still there too, but worth embracing to rewrite a future full of hope, purpose, and possibility.


On May 12th 2018 …

Join us at Stillwater United Methodist Church on May 12th for Breakfast* at 9AM and their awesome serving of pancakes, followed by Rene Rafael at 9:50AM and his awesome serving of compassionate hope!

*Men of God Breakfast is a great morning of breakfast, inspiration and fellowship usually between Christian men, but on May 12, doors are excitedly open to ALL who could benefit from Rene’s message!

6911 Frederick Pike, Dayton, Ohio 45414

For more event details, please contact: Marie Flora (937) 454-9405