Lyrics to Small Mental Room

To those who asked me for the lyrics to Small Mental Room – thanks.


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–Verse 1
New memoirs sewn
Into the fabric of my memory
The ocean
Calls me
On my ship-recked intentions
I float on to my destiny

The stars above
Sometimes they guide me
As long as I’m willing
To lose myself
In their eternity
But bound by Earth’s oceans
Kills me
When the oceans above
Await my escape
From her gravity

–Chorus 1
I woke up one day
To find that
I wasn’t home

My mind
Had entered the unknown
Everything about the world
That I knew had changed
In my small mental room
Would need to be

–Verse 2
Locked inside the cargo-hold
Armed only with a
Broken mirror
For my vanity!

Monetary duality
Two sides of me on a coin
I flipped into the abyss
As I dismiss
My own plurality

Can you buy me!?
Can you buy me some time
I need some more of that!

Can I sell thee!?
Can I sell thee a small mental room
With a view over a sea of cataracts!

–Chorus 2
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Discovered lands
In my mind
Had been erased

That I knew
To be true
Had been replaced

–Chorus 3
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