Majoring in Undecided – Video Series

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These videos diagnose my early fear of decisions as the ironic and single decision I DID make: saying ‘no’ to my dream by saying ‘yes’ to everything else. If the previous ironic observation didn’t wound enough, this late-life discovery 18 jobs later certainly did: my dream had somehow subconsciously survived and had provided value to everyone but me.

While chronicling my misadventures, I realize a new decision needs to be made and finally decide to kill off this very expensive experiment. Because in every death is a rebirth and encouraged by the fact that my name literally means it, I reboot. Scary as hell at first for sure. But as more decisions replace more fear, I begin to trust my childhood creativity once again. “This time” I become the inspirational speaker and multimedia performance artist I always wanted to be when I “grew up” …

Recovering from 26 years of IT injuries and mental health meds (unrelated but some overlap), I now deliver experiential stories of hope and encouragement to students from stage, online, and in my master classes. My biggest message to them:
Own your story … then share it!

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