Twitter for Business?

Hey guys,

I’m really disappointed by the number of emails I receive from you like the one below regarding building my business because I don’t feel that you really care to help me do so.

The most important thing you could do to help build my business is allow me to have my trademarked username.

I have filed twice after diligently collecting all the info you requested of me and each time I have received a canned rejection response in Case #’s 37378917 and 36137481.

The most discouraging part is that this username has been inactive, abandoned, and never used since 2010.

Without my Twitter username matching my business name, I cannot do business on Twitter and your emails unfortunately become quite meaningless to me.

Tweeting/emailing @support,@twitter,, & in hopes that one of you can help a brother out.

Thanks and the fiercest of peace to ya 🙂
Rene Rafael