Dream Defender

Rene’s your dream defender so book your Dreampreneur Consultation today.

Dreampreneur Consultation?

A 1 hour phone or zoom session to brainstorm your life aspirations.

Whether you want to discuss art, edu, tech or “crazy” startup ideas that combine all 3, we’ll focus here as well as on the difficult decisions and defensive strategies your dream needs to increase its viability in the marketplace.

Why You?

Regardless of how you choose to direct the conversation, I will direct you to Own Your Story.

It’s crucial you know why. Thanks for reading why below and saving us both a lot of time!


Hint: you’ll be screened when booking a call 🙂

Why Rene?

You read why I might decide to work with you above. Now let me share why you might decide to work with me below. Yes, we both need to decide! I’ll briefly cover my differences & credentials.

dream decided


Rene Rafael’s EDYou! approach involves guided introspection.

He mentors through storytelling across the peaks and pitfalls of his life while simultaneously asking you questions about yours that he wished he’d considered and answered for himself much earlier. He’s here to help you:

  • tease out and amplify what’s already inside of you, not tell you what trending topics and technologies are outside that you need to put in – an unfortunately unorthodox difference
  • tell stories about things you already care about so that you can nourish and grow these authentically and write your own life’s narrative instead of letting others write it for you
  • trust your voice and make your story and message felt in every public speaking venue throughout life, whether 1-on-1 at a job interview or 1-to-many from stage


Rene is a compassionate communicator, educator, advisor to online edu companies, professional speaker, seminar & workshop leader and Successful Storyteller on topics including adversity, technology, and edutainment.

Author of several published “music video papers”, his award-winning A Day in the Life of an App Dev was featured by Dell Technologies.

Rene’s unique blend of tech + art has engaged worldwide audiences from virtual and physical stages across college, corporate, conference, and entertainment venues for 3 decades.

Learn more @ ReneRafael.com/about
Brainstorm @ ReneRafael.com/contact#dream