Hi folks!

I’m Rene from Rx Records, a media publishing and novelty t-shirt company.

I’m launching a multimedia memoir series to help college students make the difficult decisions needed to major in their dreams.

Reach & Content

My physical classes reached 10K students between 2017-2020.

My multimedia memoir series is the online version, poised to reach 20K students by Q4 2024.

The pre-sequel is already live on Amazon in both print and ebook. The audiobook will be available this fall.

3 years of content and series titles is complete and will be distributed simultaneously in print, ebook, and audiobook formats. The series has a total planned duration of 15 years. Future content and titles have been mapped out accordingly.

Novelty T-Shirt Business

Series-themed t-shirts will be created alongside the series content, augmenting the experience.

Being multimedia in nature, this series’ beautiful designs will generate many exciting t-shirts and apparel. As host of the companion podcast, I’ll be wearing many of these across episodes. I see our designs and apparel transitioning from initial marketing cost center to substantial revenue stream by Q4 2024.

Quality Illustrator and Photoshop designs will be all original content from our in-house graphic design team (20 years experience), adhering to your Content Policies, Terms of Use, and all legal agreements.

Several mockup t-shirt samples are linked here.

Intellectual Property

Since 2016, our legal team has worked with the copyright and uspto.gov offices to protect content and strategically secure important trademarks for this series including:

A lot has been invested in both content and legal protection for the success of the business. I understand the importance each business has in doing the same and respecting the intellectual property of others. I take IP very seriously, have a thorough understanding of trademark laws and have thoroughly read and understand your TOU.

You have my commitment to neither produce nor distribute any designs or products that would violate trademarks, copyrights or infringe on the intellectual property of other people.

Thanks for considering us!

Rene Rafael
Artistic Director
Rx Records, LLC