Rene has a way of communicating with an audience using a combination of charisma, spoken word, the whimsy and freshness of graphic elements reminiscent of the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, and elementally raw and honest original music, sung in a voice that reminds one of the ancient Irish bards, who, with wisdom cleverly presented, gave lessons to kings.

As you listen to him, you feel like you can hear every beat of his heart.

He takes the audience on a journey that evokes the memory of what it is like to be a child growing up in a culture where recognition and nurturing of creativity, especially if one is a true original (and, in some way, every child is), is so rare that life can be difficult and confusing—so difficult that many of those children, by the time they are adults, have little idea how to make the most of that creativity, but the pain of not doing so lives within them. By sharing so deeply and honestly about his own experiences, Rene uses his creative passion to show the road by which he has learned to heal this divide within himself—to bring his own creativity out into the light, where it can help to enlighten and inspire others to share their creativity in unique ways, as well. He shares his journey of healing with love, an open heart and deep humility—and he’s also a cool guy.

If you want to remember your own inner child, its creativity, and bring that creativity out to play—meet Rene. Look into his eyes. Hear him speak. And listen to his songs.


Senior Technical Communicator, IT Consultant