My name is Doug Reigelsperger and I am pleased to be writing this letter of support as a testament to the character and integrity of my friend and collaborator of musical projects, Rene Rafael. I strongly support his endeavors as he aims to share insight, knowledge and wisdom vital to personal growth and improvement in the lives of others.

I have known Rene since January of 2010. In this time, I have seen Rene become increasingly more passionate about helping others. We discovered a mutual link in music while working in similar fields, he as a backend software developer and me as a frontend web programmer. Within these connections I found Rene to be both professional and personable. He displays the highest levels of focus and intent on the task at hand. Furthermore, his level of structure and organization is the best I have seen. In my own life he has helped me immensely with my personal growth and career advancement.

I 100% believe in his work and I encourage the support of Rene Rafael as I know his ultimate success is inevitable.


Platform Delivery Manager, Prism Digital Communications