You are called. Who answers?


AN INTERACTIVE SELF-RECOVERY ADVENTURE SERIES FOR ARTISTS, EMPATHS, CREATIVE PUNKS & DECISION-HATERS through the eyes of a 26-yr prescription-pill-popper who swallowed many other lies, a 30-yr award-winning software developer who was told 2x to drop out of Computer Science, and a musician since birth …

Rene will shoot you past this world’s distractions before they become disruptions, propel you to your why, and connect you with those that share your answer. Overlapping whys will destroy loneliness and create awesome relationships that push you to take the undecided out of your life and decide your dream instead.


Multimedia Memoir

You are called. Who answers?
His multimedia memoir has one goal — making sure YOU answer.
Why Rene cares about this is simple: “For most of my life, I let everyone but me answer.”
The memoir has 2 parts, a podcast and publication. The podcast is a public benefit and the private publication supports it.
Simultaneous spin-offs, storming in-and-out of each other’s past-and-present worlds, these dueling supercells augment the other’s reality, lay waste to lies, and build a future from the painful shards of truth that remain in the rubble. Together, this destructive-constructive twin-twister is an empowering, victim-turned-victor psychological thriller and multimedia memoir series that transparently follow Rene’s many failures (and eventual successes) across 3 decades of mental health battles, edu, employment and family building.
The series will ignite conversations around discovering our dreams and the many difficult decisions required to actualize them. For most, this will mean facing life-long fears. For some, this will include learning active strategies for overcoming public speaking fears so they can give voice to their dreams. For all, we’ll be inspired to answer as our own life’s storytellers and dream-defenders.


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