Mission Statement

Creative punk helping you own your story and trust your voice so you can say NO to distractions and YES to your dreams … since 1975.

Vision Statement

Rx Records envisions a compassionate community of storytellers and decision-driven dreamers that fortify families, destroy distractions and end the mental health epidemic.

Artist Statement

A 9 year old slowly falls asleep in the awesome bunk bed he “helped” dad build … and then …

I’m rudely awoken at 35.



April 1984—I was listening to Michael Jackson’s Thriller in the backseat of my dad’s Chevy. Until that night, I created head-banging music that completely possessed my young mind. After that night, seizures robbed my rhythm. Convulsions unleashed havoc and silenced the beats. My music stopped and I slipped into 26 years of medicated cryosleep.


July 2010—Singing for a local band heals my mind. Sober, I now share my three decade journey of hope through motivational multimedia performance art and experiential storytelling. Infused with technology and shaped by my IT background, I relive my story, not retell it, so we can adventure together now and have awkward conversations later.


My struggles with health and over-medication is one link between your story and mine. Sure, yours might be different but we all avoid confronting something. Mental health, money, religion, porn, addiction? Irrelevant. At the heart of it all, is the powerful difference between choosing and deciding. Choose and chase the world’s every distraction or decide and direct your own destiny.

Deciding first to love the beauty and brokenness of my story, I press on with yours next. Gently. Humbly. I’m not another HOW-TO force-feed what’s missing. I’m a HOW-NOT-TO lose what’s already there. I’ve got questions, you’ve got answers. I ask, to remind you of these. I dare your inner child to say aloud what your “adult” has violently silenced. It’s OK to speak again. DO.

Avoiding tough decisions, doesn’t mean one won’t be made for you.

I’m Rene,
What’s your story?




If you can dream it—it can happen!

dream decided

But not without owning your story and defending decisions along the way.
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Equal parts inspirational speaker and multimedia performance artist, Rene’s Keynote Performances combine these personas to ignite hope, purpose & possibility.

His Quest: inspire the humble to make bold decisions in the face of fear and become compassionate communicators who empower themselves and everyone in their path …


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“In April of ’84, my excitable head-banging to Michael Jackson’s Thriller transformed into head-thrashing convulsions and gnashing of teeth …


my music stopped and I slipped into 26 years of medicated cryosleep.”


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Rene’s combined the technology and artisan sides of his brain for 3 decades in projects across indie music, academia, corporate, and startup America. Author of several published papers on the


convergence of technology and art, some also grew into accompanying music videos!


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Rene combines interactive technologies that best fuel his message of compassion as a speaker and performance artist.


Currently these include but are not limited to mobile, social, and interactive music videos.


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Whether on the campus of a community college, in the trenches of the IT industry, or in his own living room with family, Rene has always had a passion to receive and give the gift of knowledge.

He believes you need to flexibly rock-and-roll


between both mentor and mentee roles to succeed and enable success for others in life.


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Rene Rafael Voiceovers

Invited to use his zany creativity, Rene’s voice acting has spiced up many an otherwise dull commercial voiceover.

voiceover artist

Ever visit the Joker Escape Room in Washington DC?

You might have heard him 😉


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