Successful Storyteller

STORY TIME! Every time we heard those words, we felt an immediate rush of wonder, excitement … possibility—long before the story ever began! Either told to sit quietly in a circle with our friends, or lie quietly in bed with our stuffed animals, the storyteller would peel back the first magical page and we would fly our imagination-kites … but quietly.

Now you’re an “adult” & the world fucking blows!

What happened? We quietly consumed the world’s stories, created none of ours, and the world quietly slipped in, to spoon-feed us more of theirs.

From childhood, our education often teaches us to be quiet consumers.

As adults, our “educated” behavior is later exploited, reinforced and manipulated by industries capitalizing on our lost creativity. Regardless of what, we all need to create. The more we consume, the less creative we get. To recover our creativity, we must reclaim the role of storyteller—of our own life. But where do you start? An overwhelming process indeed. Nonessential narrators will need to be fired.

After letting 3 decades of mental health drugs prescribe his identity, he became an international award-winning edu app developer, speaker, author, performing artist … and sober! A retrospective Rene reveals his top ten ways to Own Your Story Today So You Can Share It Tomorrow.

Stories are powerful.
Someone’s writing yours—is it you?

What’s Your story?
And are you ready to own it?

Become a Successful Storyteller, compassionate with others AND yourself, knowing that empathy is your superpower to:

1️⃣ Embrace your past and rewrite your future 2️⃣ Find your life calling much faster than Rene did 3️⃣ Discover, own and share your story the way you want it told … 4️⃣ Catapult dreams from your life lessons and stories 5️⃣ Shine at the intersection of passions empowering others AND you 6️⃣ Create perfect moments from your imperfections 7️⃣ Fearlessly create, communicate, empathize and drive decisions 8️⃣ Succeed peacefully at the center of failure, adversity and addiction 9️⃣ Discover lasting purpose in your God-given gifts!


“That was amazing! Rene speaks with an authenticity that captivates his audience. He conveys his message with a raw vulnerability which left me thinking about his presentation for a long time. He educates and inspires without reservation by sharing his own story. Listening to Rene will change you forever. I used to do lectures and workshops and got out of it and really wanted to get back into it and when I saw Rene, I thought ‘you know what? That’s what I’m supposed to be doing!’ So I really want to thank you for that and yeah, you were just so real!”

Sinead Jackson

Counselor, Sinead Jackson Counseling Services, Inc

“Rene Rafael is brilliant and in his element on stage. He has so much fun reliving and bringing everyone through his experience with such range and engaging emotion.  The creative visuals add an element unlike any other and his message is critical for our youth and young adults trying to find themselves in this confusing era. Rene, you had me from the very beginning until the very end! Extremely Powerful!”


Live Event Director and Fashion Show Producer, Koziak Productions, Inc.

“He got a standing ovation at my last event. So many people have shared how impactful his story was. If you are looking to have someone on your stage that is the difference maker, the highlight of your event, someone that is going to standout and be memorable, I so recommend that you book Rene. He’s going to take your audience on an amazing journey!”


#1 Best Selling Author and Master Speaker Trainer, TiamoMusic.com

“Many mental health books for adults exist and I had no intention of adding to that pile. I originally wrote this addiction memoir to craft my story for the stage … but then realized its profound effect on my offstage life. So whether you craft your story for the stage or real life, may my memoir heal your inner child.”

#OwnYourStory, ⬅️ Why?

“For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7

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