Series & Seminar

AN INTERACTIVE SELF-RECOVERY ADVENTURE SERIES FOR ARTISTS, EMPATHS & CREATIVE PUNKS through the eyes of a 26-yr prescription-pill-popper who swallowed many other lies, a 30-yr award-winning software developer who was told 2x to drop out of Computer Science, and a musician since birth …

Rene will shoot you past this world’s distractions before they become disruptions, propel you to your why, and connect you with those that share your answer. Overlapping whys will destroy loneliness and create awesome relationships that push you to take the undecided out of your life and decide your dream instead.

Are you a Pioneer?

Want to be the first pioneers of Rene’s new interactive AlbumBook format and join the community conversation around our dreams and what the actual rest of our life will look like based on our decisions today?

Experiential out-of-body-and-book adventure awaits all AlbumBook-pioneers … plus additional upcoming surprises!  These AlbumBook-exclusives are unavailable in any other series format. 

Or maybe you just want an advanced copy of the next book when it’s ready?




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