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Innovation Lab Manager,
Sinclair Community College

The project Rene is working on is full of grit and passion. I remember a conversation we had many years ago about how he had finally taken control of his life and was going to do things differently, starting with the dreams he had as a kid. I’ve watched Rene with dogged determination get his project where it is today. Rene has brought those dreams and skills he possessed as a kid back to life in the hopes to ignite that in others. Read More


Capstone Manager, University of Dayton

You don’t (can’t?) know this guy until you see him explode in multimedia!

He’s a techie, poet, musician, thespian, thinker, voice-over guy using these skills to inspire positive life change. Read More


Watching Rene isn’t an experience, it’s a journey. With lyrics and melodies that intertwine into vivid imagery for your mind, he tells stories of past failures and future hopes, lessons learned and wisdom through experience. Keeping it real is his MO which lends to his high energy approach.
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Platform Delivery Manager, Prism Digital Communications


Rene has a way of communicating with an audience using a combination of charisma, spoken word, the whimsy and freshness of graphic elements reminiscent of the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, and elementally raw and honest original music… As you listen to him, you feel like you can hear every beat of his heart.
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Senior Technical Communicator, IT Consultant


I barely took any notes because he was so incredibly engaging .. to transmute his journey into art so beautifully!  Rene’s voice is needed on this topic to inspire more compassionate communication.  He took the noise others asked him to “stop & turn off” and turned it into a beautiful offering for the world.  Keep rocking it!


Founder of San Diego Community Speaker Series


Physically and emotionally moving. He turns his own voice into his instrument, beyond just the singing. Rene doesn’t need a backtrack – he IS the back track! Great laughter and crowd interaction.  His slides were part of the performance and made us laugh … that’s not easy to do with slides!


#1 Best Selling Author and Master Speaker Trainer,


Rene is brilliant & in his element on stage. He has so much fun reliving and bringing everyone through his experience with such range and engaging emotion. The creative visuals add an element unlike any other and his message is critical for our youth and young adults trying to find themselves in this confusing era. Rene, you had me from the very beginning until the very end! Extremely Powerful!


Live Event Director and Fashion Show Producer, Koziak Productions, Inc.


Rene has a fantastic stage presence and phenomenal energy!  During his speech Rene was able to hold eye contact with me and his audience for a long time which is so important for a speaker.  I am convinced that his story will empower many.



Transformational Author and Empowerment Coach,


Rene is a people person and an excellent communicator. He is able to focus on the important things in a conversation with refreshing honesty and challenging realism, sprinkled with disarming but good-natured wit.


Instructional Technologist, Sinclair Community College



Keynotes | Reviews | Booking

Below is a partial list of companies, schools, and organizations that have booked Rene for their events:

  1. University of Cincinnati
  2. CincyHacks 2017 / Mason Hack Club
  3. Dell
  4. EMC Corp / EMC World Conference
  5. Mix 107.7 FM
  6. University of Florida
  7. League for Innovation in the Community College
  8. Dayton Theatre Guild
  9. Sinclair Community College
  10. eTech Ohio
  11. Findlay High School
  12. Dayton Art Institute
  13. Challenge Day
  14. Dayton Chamber Music Society
  15. Beef O’Brady’s
  16. Dublin Pub
  17. OhioLearns
  18. Oregon Express
  19. Rx Records
  20. Studio B
  21. Dayton Area Board of Realtors
  22. Vintage
  23. Lithium Seven
  24. Hey There Morgan
  25. Beck Studios
  26. NCR
  27. Da House(Villa Herencia) of Puerto Rico
  28. Music Prosperity Mastery
  29. Fearless Speaker Emergence
  30. Sears Centre Arena
  31. Fox 19
  32. X Factor