Why – Video Series

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42 years of fear and 3 years of adventure later, Rene rewinds, takes you back to the beginning and spells out his who’s & why’s going forward.


Who are the #HopePunks?
Why does he want to help them?
And why the bleep does he wield such a long hashtag #OwnYourStoryThenShareIt?

It’s all about remembering that you knew the answer long before the world happened to you …

Life. Reboots. Now!

Christmas Massage Gift

Christmas Massage Gift


Can I gift you a massage for Christmas?


Merry Christmas Massage - Rene RafaelOf the many things I am grateful for this year, recovering from the constant pain induced from an IT job is probably the highest on my list 🙂


As such, I’ve stopped needing my monthly physical therapy treatments and have racked up 11 months that I will never use but will lose once I cancel my subscription at Massage Envy.

Because I will lose these, I’ve decided to keep my subscription active for another month so that I can turn my unused sessions into Christmas gifts.


Each is valued at around $90 without a subscription and around $60 with one. I’ve got zero connection with Massage Envy outside of being a past patient and have nothing to gain from giving these outside of your admiration 🙂


To any friend in need of healing, it would be my honor to gift it.  If interested, I’d just need a name/number to transfer one of my sessions to you.


Massage Envy is a national chain so you can visit whichever office is closest to you.  But .. if you live in my neck of the woods and close to The Greene office in Beavercreek Ohio, ask for Brenda when you get there. I’ve worked with many pain-relievers over the years and she’s been the very best at getting me back on my feet so that I could continue providing for my family.  Brenda’s super friendly, considerate and has been purposefully observant of my specific occupational hazards to provide the most timely and relevant pain relief strategies.  She’s a senior masseuse and has trained many others in her field.


I’ll be keeping my subscription active until Feb 1 2020 or until I’ve given my last Christmas massage gift, whichever comes first.


Until then, Peace be with you and Merry Christmas!


P.S. If you wanna know how I destroyed my health to avoid doing similar, my video Hobby-or-Calling will provide helpful insight!

Keynotes – Video Series

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These videos include fun snippets from some of my keynote performances, master classes, and the music videos born from both.


Other Cool Series 🙂


Epic Endeavor | Story Time | Majoring in Undecided | Keynotes | 30 Day Speaking Challenge

Story Time – Video Series

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When said together out loud, the words ‘Story Time’ have always invoked a sense of wonder, excitement, and possibility in me – long before the story ever began! Either told to sit quietly in a circle on the floor with our friends or lie quietly in bed with our stuffed animals, the storyteller would then peel back the 1st magical page and we would fly our imagination-kites.


There’s a problem with this. Starting from a very early age, our education system often teaches us to consume stories, not create them. Maybe unintentional and with benign intent during childhood, our “educated” behavior is later purposefully and malignantly exploited, reinforced and manipulated into adulthood by those seeking opportunity in our innate-but-now-lost ability to create long replaced by our need to consume. The harvest is ripe.

In a never-ending downward spiral of feeding our consumer-tumors to feel alive, we lose further belief in our own stories as we ironically devalue them only to consume the stories of others.

As intense as the above might sound, these videos are meant to inspire you to trust your own voice so you can give voice to your dreams. I don’t hold back or try to act professional here. As my own storyteller, what comes out of my mouth is often awkward, embarrassing, or humorously humiliating … and I love it all 🤣

Stories are powerful.

Someone’s writing yours – is it you?

Imprisoned by Love Fear or Both?

The Last Wonder, Forfeited

Majoring in Undecided – Video Series

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These videos diagnose my early fear of decisions as the ironic and single decision I DID make: saying ‘no’ to my dream by saying ‘yes’ to everything else. If the previous ironic observation didn’t wound enough, this late-life discovery 18 jobs later certainly did: my dream had somehow subconsciously survived and had provided value to everyone but me.

While chronicling my misadventures, I realize a new decision needs to be made and finally decide to kill off this very expensive experiment. Because in every death is a rebirth and encouraged by the fact that my name literally means it, I reboot. Scary as hell at first for sure. But as more decisions replace more fear, I begin to trust my childhood creativity once again. “This time” I become the inspirational speaker and multimedia performance artist I always wanted to be when I “grew up” …

Recovering from 26 years of IT injuries and mental health meds (unrelated but some overlap), I now deliver experiential stories of hope and encouragement to students from stage, online, and in my master classes. My biggest message to them:
Own your story … then share it!

Other Cool Series 🙂


Epic Endeavor | Story Time | Majoring in Undecided | Keynotes | 30 Day Speaking Challenge

Epic Endeavor – Video Series

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The idea behind these videos began as a way to transform my dream from ‘Epic Endeavor’ into consistently manageable increments of positive change every week and then VLOG about these for 3 reasons:


1️⃣ Publicly hold myself accountable to my dream, shiver 🙀
Stay tuned and follow the clues to learn what it is 😍
2️⃣ Inspire some of my crazy friends who like me, sometimes have 1 foot inside their dreams and 1 foot inside “reality” … a “reality” that informs us to stay small so we can avoid the pain, fear, defeat, failure and rejection of our dream and therefor our love. Yes I equate ‘dream’ with ‘love’ because when we live the 1st we overflow with the 2nd. Risk love not just in spite of pain, fear, defeat, failure and rejection – but through them .. after them .. and then again when the next “Murphy’s Law” cycle of this fallen world begins! Often unfortunately untrue of the short-term, love is always worth the risk in the long.
3️⃣ Inspire you with your own ‘Epic Endeavors’, whatever those are.

Scary as heck to publicly commit to anything as regular as weekly but … serious results require serious commitments. Peace be with you on your own epic endeavors as I weekly unveil my next 2 years’ intentions and humble course corrections.

Yesterday’s Authenticity Today

Yesterday’s Authenticity Today

Investing in Pasts?

Investing in Pasts?