Story Time – Video Series

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When said together out loud, the words ‘Story Time’ have always invoked a sense of wonder, excitement, and possibility in me – long before the story ever began! Either told to sit quietly in a circle on the floor with our friends or lie quietly in bed with our stuffed animals, the storyteller would then peel back the 1st magical page and we would fly our imagination-kites.


There’s a problem with this. Starting from a very early age, our education system often teaches us to consume stories, not create them. Maybe unintentional and with benign intent during childhood, our “educated” behavior is later purposefully and malignantly exploited, reinforced and manipulated into adulthood by those seeking opportunity in our innate-but-now-lost ability to create long replaced by our need to consume. The harvest is ripe.

In a never-ending downward spiral of feeding our consumer-tumors to feel alive, we lose further belief in our own stories as we ironically devalue them only to consume the stories of others.

As intense as the above might sound, these videos are meant to inspire you to trust your own voice so you can give voice to your dreams. I don’t hold back or try to act professional here. As my own storyteller, what comes out of my mouth is often awkward, embarrassing, or humorously humiliating … and I love it all 🤣

Stories are powerful.

Someone’s writing yours – is it you?