Presenting You!
Experiential Storytelling Master Class

Public speaking won’t kill you, but is often cited as America’s #1 fear – before death.

In his master class, Rene dismantles this fear with a mix of acting, technology & happy accidents.

You will discover the power of humility, imperfection, vulnerability & story in guiding audiences to experience your message.

Decide your Mission!

Why Are You?

Your mission, should you choose to decide it, will design your life.

Create your mission statement with Rene’s Extended Elevator.

Decide your Story!

What Are You?

Your story, once recognized, crafts life at the intersection of passions that empower others AND you the most!

Recognize your story with Rene’s Rebirth Program.

With the increasing speed and saturation of information vying for our attention, our human response to this overwhelming deluge of data is often the opposite – to shorten our attention spans. Anything that doesn’t help us, seem relevant, or emotionally authentic, is immediately discarded as we scan ahead for information that’s worthy of our precious time. Experiential storytelling and presentation literacy are becoming increasingly important to cut through this guarded world and share our message.