Decoding You ®

Narrator Firing Master Class

Deciding You! ®

Choice Killing Master Class

Presenting You! ®

Experiential Storytelling Master Class

Public speaking won’t kill you, but is often cited as our #1 fear
– before death.

Ignoring dreams won’t kill you, but is often cited as our #1 regret
– before death.

We each have a dream requiring us to speak it into existence …

In his master classes and seminars, Rene will help you dismantle this fear and regret with a mix of acting, technology & happy accidents. You’ll discover the power of humility, imperfection, vulnerability & story in guiding audiences to experience your message as you learn to trust your voice and give voice to your dreams:

What’s your Story?!


Find & fire nonessential narrators with Rene’s Rebirth Program: Successful Storyteller ™

… and then …

Discover your deepest darkest stories in Rene’s Return Program: Decoding You ™

Own your Story!

Who Are You?

Your story, once recognized, crafts life at the intersection of passions empowering others AND you the most!

Share your Story!

Why Are You?

Your mission, should you choose to decide it, will design your life.

Create your mission statement with Rene’s Extended Elevator.

Why his Classes?

The speed and saturation of information vying for our attention increases every day. Our response to this overwhelming deluge of data is often the opposite – attention spans shorten. Anything that doesn’t help or seem relevant and emotionally authentic, we immediately discard as we scan ahead for information that’s worthy of our precious time. Experiential storytelling and presentation literacy are the 1-2 combo that punches through our guarded world so we can share life’s important messages!

Not public-speaking …

for the sake of public-speaking, but the tool for bringing to life that which you desire most. What’s your story, dream, passion, purpose, mission and why? Combine these with the ability to speak verbally, visually and “all 5 sensablies” to bring your dreams to life. Humbly start by speaking aloud and watch words become worlds outside your own head.

Impact ANY public speaking

  1. job interviews
  2. committee presentations
  3. conference sessions
  4. campus activities
  5. student leadership
  6. marketing
  7. classroom & online instruction
  8. tech start-up/accelerator pitches
  9. pastoral sermons
  10. keynote speeches
  11. theatre/music performances

Sensory Multiplier for Collaborative Communication

The more senses you can simultaneously engage for us when speaking, the more we’ll be able to also feel and experience your story, which then becomes … our story. So let’s share the same location, not just physically but mentally. Let’s share the same experience, not just witness but live it. Let’s become engrossed, learn faster, and share lasting impact – together.

Good storytellers let you borrow not just their eyes, but all their senses.

Experiential storytellers help you use your own eyes and senses to experience the story as yourself. When this happens, stories gift us with wisdom, vision, and a knowing inspiration on how to directly apply lessons learned to our own lives!

Become an Experiential Storyteller with me? 🙂