Hello, My name is Krissy Mayes. I am a graphic artist by trade and have been a co-worker and friend of Rene’s for over 20 years. The intent of my letter is to help Rene secure the funding he needs to continue his mission of sharing his story about rebooting his life, or as he says, “a re-birth” to recapture his childhood dream. More important than Rene finding his way is that he wants to educate others on how they can do the same.

Over the many years of working with Rene he exposed his multiple talents. I first knew him as an excellent programmer. Later he shared his design and multimedia skills, his critical thinking and storytelling skills and the last to be revealed was his musical talent.

The project Rene is working on is full of grit and passion. I remember a conversation we had many years ago about how he had finally taken control of his life and was going to do things differently, starting with the dreams he had as a kid. I’ve watched Rene with dogged determination get his project where it is today. Rene has brought those dreams and skills he possessed as a kid back to life in the hopes to ignite that in others.

I can think of so many people in my life who’ve told me they had a dream but then they had to grow and get a real job. Isn’t our dream supposed to be our job? I believe that Rene’s message to not lose that inner child is incredibly powerful, and so important. Teaching others to respect their innate desires and build upon them is a critical step in fulfillment and lifelong happiness.

I’ve always felt fortunate to have a career in the arts. An artist was what I always wanted to be. Maybe a bit more famous than I am currently but the fact that I get to design and create art as my job, not many people can say. I believe in Rene’s ability to teach others, and to do it in such a way that they feel alive. I really think Rene’s storytelling, dancing and interactive media help to illustrate his passion for his dream. Now he needs your help to do the same for others.

Innovation Lab Manager, Sinclair Community College